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What is Vertcoin?

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What is Vertcoin?

Vertcoin Coin is a decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that gives users the freedom to use, invest or mine the currency.
Vertcoin calls himself “The people’s coin”. The company has developed technologies that have been further developed by Bitcoin to make the currency safer and more extensive in its areas of application.

Vertcoin has a market capital of $356,234,585 USD of which $27,349,000 USD is traded daily in the form of coins.
The current rate of Vertcoin is 8,48 USD per coin (as of December 12,2017).

Vertcoin Coin – The Cryptocurrency

Vertcoin coins are based primarily on the goal of offering the user a decentralized platform. The developers of the cryptocurrency have therefore created a special feature: Vertcoin is immune to mining hardware and multipool mining. Each transaction is validated by an extensive network, so there is no sudden devaluation pressure from mass mined coins. However, the individual miner can mine at any time with the algorithm Lyra2RE (v2) with a block time of 2.5 minutes. He receives 50 coins per mined block.

Currently Vertcoin is even working on a “1-click Vertcoin Miner”, which should make it possible to mine coins with just one click. Another technology that has given Vertcoin an advantage over other cryptocurrencies is SegWit. Vertcoin is also working with Litecoin on the atomic cross-chain technology. With the help of these, it should be possible to exchange cryptocurrencies with each other without the need for an official digital exchange.

Last but not least, Vertcoin’s development team is working on a stealth address technology to improve the security of Vertcoin Coin’s general application. Thanks to the Web Wallet, a digital wallet that doesn’t even need to be downloaded as an app, shops and sellers can accept the currency as a means of payment and only require Internet access. Vertcoin offers its users a fast and easy money transfer.

Vertcoin Coin – The Company

Vertcoin is backed by developer James Lovejoy, who works with his development team to improve the cryptocurrency. The company would like to do this above all together with its now large community. The entire project is financed entirely by donations, the company itself does not spend any money on marketing measures and puts all its financial resources into improving Vertcoin. The Lovejoy team is also striving for an “open source community”, which means that official information or innovations are directly shared with users.


Vertcoin Coin,”The people’s coin”, addresses many problems that other cryptocurrencies – such as bitcoin – have not really been able to optimize. Due to its numerous technological innovations, Vertcoin is able to set itself apart from the competition and thus offers its users a platform on which they can move safely and with many possibilities to act freely.

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