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Trending: ECF VS The Giants

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Trending: ECF VS The Giants

Where does ECF fit in the Grants Program map, and how do we complement the diverse initiatives?

As a pool of funds from notable teams in the Ethereum community, the ECF provides financial endowment and complements other various initiatives for grants, by giving crucial support to buidlers of open-source infrastructure and applications who help create the Ethereum ecosystem with their contributions to development.

These are Grants that focus on shared infrastructure, such as ECF and EF, complemented by platform-specific ones like Aragon Nest and Request Foundation. Both are important, and we should always be looking for more ways like this to collaborate and synergize.

Checkout the video of ECF + FRIENDS meetup in Toronto

One of the first five ECF grantees is ETHPRIZE, that at the same time will allocate this investment to their upcoming “bounties” or grants. ETHPrize is formed by several entities, among them the Web3 Foundation (founding member of ECF) and L4 Ventures, who also created The Stable Fund, together with Maker (another ECF founding member).
The ECF and Ethereum Foundation are aligned in vision, but operate separately — both are always evaluating their synergies, and sharing advice in collaboration to fund initiatives. Aya Miyaguchi and Vitalik Buterin are advising the ECF, while some of the researchers also assist in giving their expert opinions to grantees about what could be needed to help the platform grow and improve.

Status also just set up a bounty in their Open Bounties program to build the new and improved ECF website. They continue to help diverse initiatives (like ETHPrize), via their bounties, which also led to their website being built thanks to a Status bounty.

“All of our Status Projects non-profit initiatives are designed to advance the ecosystem — because a thriving web3 ecosystem means more people using decentralized products and services like Status and the continued drive to a more open and equitable world. This is why we are happy to support great initiatives like the Ethereum Community Fund. Our knowledge, experience, and funds can be used to help grow the larger ecosystem. We look forward to supporting both the ECF and the recipients of grants through our Status Projects initiatives.” — mentioned Jarrad Hope, Co-Founder of Status, When all these bits and pieces are mapped out together, it’s easy to notice an interconnected, decentralized network of goodwill and hope for the present and coming future. Coming together to make open-source, decentralized infrastructure solutions possible is what boosts the value of the whole ecosystem. Hence, we’d like to take this opportunity to welcome Status as another founding member to the Ethereum Community Fund. We pleased to announce that after several months of dialogue and open collaboration, this prominent project has joined us as of one month ago, and we can’t wait to see the impact we can all make together.



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