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Nortonchain Technology – The Smart Path to True Decentralization

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Nortonchain Technology – The Smart Path to True Decentralization

Over the years, the blockchain technology has had major breakthroughs, though most attention is being recorded from 2016 till date from different governments and individuals. Bitcoin blockchain has been the saving grace for the society from the existing system. Through the long years, improvements and advancements have been seen in the blockchain world at large.

The bitcoins blockchain needs miners to make confirm every transaction made and as they burn up resources just to get this done, users therefore have to pay them. This is why there is transaction charge on every single transaction you make on the blockchain. Further more, it takes time for the transactions to get confirmed and so its a slow system. Imagine if u had to make payment in a hurry to someone that doesn’t understand how the system works, that is transactions are irreversible and will always deliver. You would have to face the person’s constant disturbance until he gets notified of delivery. Now that’s not the purpose blockchain was developed.

Further more, these charges often times gets so high depending on the merchant and as such, making micro payments are not even considered. Currently, u cannot make transfers of bitcointalk worth $3 from an exchange. Because the charge would be about $4. That’s not reasonable at all.

This seriously hinders micro-payments, I cannot pay for a pen I bought because I will have to pay extra if I must use bitcoin for payment.

So with this in mind, to rid this, NORTONCHAIN TECHNOLOGY is the solution.

NORTONCHAIN TECHNOLOGY is a peer to peer distributed ledger. It was conceived from the short comings of the existing bitcoin blockchain. Nortonchain is one made far better than bitcoins blockchain as it has some major features of the DAG system in it as well.

We adopted the bitcoins blockchain system because its for a fact that what has been existing for years has more chances of doing better and surviving if they keep improving as compared to that which is just starting.

Since there are millions of transactions on the bitcoins blockchain, it is therefore impossible to hack into it as one would need to hack all the nodes in the world to do that. So this is some serious security. It has tasted the test of time and has survive.

This we have adopted, NORTONCHAIN has got its AI powered nodes that makes countless number of transactions every second across the world so to have this high level of security.

DAG is a method of confirming transactions, peer to peer without the need for miners.

With this, transactions can now be made completely free, as the AI powered procedure in transactions makes users confirm each others transactions in tiny bits that doesn’t cost them anything.

This therefore gives the opportunity or say room for NORTONCHAIN to breath real good. As all transactions on NORTONCHAIN are completely free.

NORTONCHAIN has combined both powerful technology to help have a super technology.

NORTONCHAIN doesn’t just stop at solving the many issues with the existing technology.

NORTONCHAIN has its own centralized exchange where users can make trades as we are to give them the room to trade almost at zero fee and complete zero when moved to Norton Decentralized Exchange.

NORTON EXCHANGE is really one out of the many, with security as its top priority. Users are now able to trade safely, log in and log out safely without the fear of getting hacked as there is a facial recognition system powered by AI on the exchange to help keep user accounts secure from hackers and of course to keep the login simple and safe.
NORTONCHAIN is currently giving out free tokens in form of airdrops/selfdrops and bounties.

Detailed information on this is given below


Nortonchain Project 250 Million Norton Token Airdrops
Click here You get 500 Airdrops Tokens

Click here You get 500 Tokens per Referral

Official Websites
Nortonchain Project


Social Media
Nortonchain Official Channel Announcement
Nortonchain Telegram English Group
Nortonchain Twitter Handle 
Nortonchain Medium Page

In addition to that, listings have already been processed by some exchanges to ensure NRT gets listed on due dates. NRT listing is already completed on the following exchanges: Ecex Exchange, and almost completed voting on MECATOX Exchange.

Voting is currently going on for NRT to get listed by MECATOX, below is the complete detail on the voting procedures.

Vote NRT on Mercatox Exchange
kindly follow the link to get to the voting form with 2500NRT rewards after voting. Click here to Fill Voting form and vote.


5000 NRT for 0.01ETH
10000 NRT for 0.02ETH
27500 NRT for 0.05ETH
55000 NRT for 0.1ETH
110000 NRT for 0.2ETH
275000 NRT for 0.5ETH
550000 NRT for 1ETH
1155000 NRT for 2ETH
2310000 NRT for 4ETH
2887500 NRT for 5ETH
6352500 NRT for 10ETH

Send to this Address:

Norton Team is devoted to following a course till completion. The road map has been our guide and will remain so. Here is the long dream for NORTONCHAIN TECHNOLOGY

Q3 2017 (July-Sept) – Nortonchain Idea, Team Development

Q4 2017 (Oct – Dec) – Website Development, Annual Event

Q1 2018 (Jan – March) – Meeting With Partners, Website Review for Upgrade

Q2 2018 (April – June) – First Airdrop, Website Upgrade, Voting for listing on External Exchange

Q3 2018 (July- September) – NortonBot, Listing on more External Exchange, Private Sales, Public Sales, Conference With Developers

Q4 2018 (Oct- Dec) – Last Rounds of Public Sales, Norton Exchange, Web Wallet Development, Second Airdrop, NRT Token Launch on Exchange, Implementation of AI modules on Norton Exchange, Annual Event

Q1 2019 (Jan – March) – Listing Of Third Party ICO’s, NORTONCHAIN (alpha version)

Q2 2019 (April – June) – Debit Card Release, Listing on more External Exchange

Q3 2019 (July – September) – NORTONCHAIN (beta version), Norton Explorer

Q4 2019 (Oct – Dec) – NORTONCHAIN (Operational), Norton Decentralized Exchange, Android, iOS, and Desktop Wallet Development, Annual Event, More to come!!!


NORTONCHAIN is starting her Presale on the 1st of August, 2018.

Thanks for your contributions as nortonchain community members.
We listen to your opinions.


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