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Nitroneum – An Ecosystem Of Value On The Blockchain

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Nitroneum – An Ecosystem Of Value On The Blockchain

The Blockchain is the internet of things, and a hub for building of values.

Nitroneum is adopting the Ethereum Blockchain concept to develop an ecosystem of value with four unique platforms to create sustainable value in the ecosystem.
The ecosystem is made of four unique platforms which includes:
A decentralized Videos and Pictures content social media with users Activity Rewards in it XTN tokens.
The Social media product is known as the N-Tube for the videos content of 1 min and above long, and the Nitropixs for pictures, selfies and videos of 1min and less, and It is expected that every user weather a content creator or those who likes and share content are to earn tokens for their activities.
An AI Bot for Trading Signals is very important both for new and inexperienced and experience traders who wants to trade profitably. The NitroBot premium signals serves that purpose, and the premium signals will be subscribed with the XTN tokens.
The  NitroHub will be an all in one media for news and updates on Blockchain, Tech, finance, markets and a decentralized token listing, rating and review section and decentralized wallet service.
The NitroMart will be a decentralized eMarket place for buyers and sellers to meet and exchange their products and services with a secured Payment system with XTN as a payment option.
Nitroneum Tech will be releasing its XTN tokens to investors accross the globe via Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in 5 rounds sales schedule which includes Pre – Sales of 3,000,000 XNT @$0.50 + 20% Bonus, while the remaining 4 rounds @$0.65 + 15%, $0.75 + 10%, $0.85+ 5%, and $0.95 + 4% in the last round, as published on the official website and on the project whitepaper.
It offers 5% referral bonus from total token purchase during the ICO, and will also contribute 1% of the sales and subsequently, 1% of annual proceeds to Blockchain technology development and education across the globe for a more wider adoption of cryptocurrency into the mainstream payment system, to support fintech development in developing economies through the Nitroneum foundation.

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