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The Financial Blockchain start up ABULABA (AAA) which is going on the breakthrough steps , associated with the leading Asian financial organisations, as well as the presence of CASTA corporation , who specializes in researching applications technology blockchain Hongkong on the list of global members.

AAA group, which is the Asian largest independent corporation , has just announced publicly, Will cooperate with the strongest financial organisations including the banks to develop the commercial applications technology blockchain on industrial branches and financial services, ” The diversity of blockchain corporation ‘s members system is beyond the geographical border” CEO AAA said.

By cooperating in extended sphere with unbanked association and the existing banks, our big partners . We assure the technology which is developed in our laboratory, Will represent for a variety of benefits and will meet wide demand of the investors in global system.

Global system of AAA ‘s partners will be reunited in the environment of the laboratory in the period of research and development in the AAA ‘s laboratory and the research centre where the smart contract blockchain Corda was developed.

The specialization in AAA group include studying accounting books, security, and the possibility of extension. AAA group provides us with the knowledge in financial services of the leading finance organisations and the potential applications technology blockchain worldwide and especially in Pacific- Asia areas.

Introduce the management team

Mr. Akata

CEO & Founder

Casta has a rich academic background, including a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Master’s in Communication Engineering, MBA, and PMP. He is a senior blockchain architect and blockchain solutions professional with 16 years’ work experience in IT and fintech. Casta previously provided technical architecture, management, and planning support for top international IT firms and major Chinese financial exchanges. He has taken part in the architecture design and technical management of many major systems, and has built up multiple technical teams and systems from scratch. Casta also has a profound knowledge of the finance industry, excelling at internal management and external communication.


Ms. Jaicklin

Senior Protocol Architect, Graphic Designer

Has 15 years of experience in graphic design, including successful projects and competition winnings. Former Art director of Design agency. Technologies to be used .



Senior Blockchain Technology Professional

Software engineer. He has 5 years experience in blockchain technology and 16 years experience in web development, block explorers & mining pools. He is a Forme, and currently is an integral part of ABULABA CAPITAL team.

Introduce the Project

» Abulaba.Capital

1.Chip Miner



4.Chip Trade

5.Masternode & Token Blockchain


Project Details

1. Chip mining

AAA group ‘s software has taken advantage of strength in treatment of AAA ‘s chip to run the complicated algorithms and then share the solutions to whole network; although, it’s hard to find solutions for the algorithms, it’s quite easy to check the right answers Miners will receive sum of AAA coin or digital money equal with their efforts.

2. Presale

Total supply for Presale is 97 000.000 AAA


Total supply 100.000.000 AAA

Masternode & Token Blockchain

54.000.000 AAA

3. Casta- Market and has only 100.000.000 AAA

AAA allows users to trade and exchange online as well as store assets securely. Unlike the current Altcoins

AAA ‘s total coin supply is only 397.000.000 , a worthy investment. So ICO is the best chance for investors to hold and enhance profitability.

AAA brings a new perspective about altcoin- more is not necessarily better. AAA is less but more valuable to serve internal payment in Casta- Market and has only 100.000.000 worldwide.

Pre ICO is divided into 5 stages

1st : sold out 30.000.000 with price of 0.5$

2nd: sold out 20.000.000 with price of 0.6$

3rd : sold out 17.5 000.000 with price of 0.7$

4th: sold out 17.5 000.000 with price of 0.8$

5th: sold out 15.000.000 with price of 1.2$

Within 79 days or earlier

4. Chip trade AAA group uses team technology with smart chip

5. Masternod & Token Blockchain

Abulaba is built on scrypt/ pow algorithms encourage miners to take part in to enhance values, AAA group creates a 2- level network masternod. The former includes miners and normal users. The latter consists of Masternods , these machines provide advanced services to the system. Those who own Masternod will be shared leverage bonus because of giving specialized services to system. Anyone can run Masternod provided if he or she can prove enough coin accordon to the rules, this is to prevent Sybil attack in the internet. Members who use Masternod technology will receive amounts of bonus when miners find the new. The proportion will vary depending on different kinds of coin 45 % bonus for miners. 45% bonus for Masternod And 10% bonus for supporting projects related systematic budget. The current investment interest rate is about 15% ( one can earn approximately 150 AAA from Masternod running)

6. AAA- CASTA- Market

Abulaba ‘s crytocurrency exchange flatform with blockchain technology protecting traders security completely against hackers in the internet. System treats speedy transaction maximisingly which up to 1000.000 transaction/ second.


Scheduled start ( 05/06/2018
end datetime ( 09/09/2018 )


Official Website

Whitepaper Link

Github Link

Telegram Link

Reddit Link

Twitter Link

Facebook Link

Bitcointalk Forum Link

Token Contract Link


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